La Serna

The door of perception: the footprint of the river


This mural was made on the legs of the bridge at the entrance to the village of La Serna, a small agricultural and livestock village in the Tierra de Campos region of Palencia, Spain.

The aim of this intervention was to transform the cement and iron construction into something organic, eliminating with a visual game the rigidity and hardness of it and at the same time altering its meaning and function, understanding it now as a door to another magic and invisible dimension, reminding us of the term The Doors of Perception used by William Blake in his book The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.

The waves can be understood as a representation of the invisible in nature or as the movement of energy, but also as the footprints left by the water of the river in its winter floods, when it covers these legs almost up to half its height. 


Location: La Serna, Palencia | Spain
Date: 2018
Client: Ayuntamiento de La Serna