Spiritual Journey

A mural for a universal temple.


Sabina is the name of a native tree in the island of Ibiza and also is the name of a ecologically inspired private villa estate and Clubhouse with five-star facilities, in the same island. 

Sabina asked me to design and paint a mural for the entrance corridor of the Temple, a universal place of worship, located in the Clubhouse, so that customers can perform their spiritual practices there. I was asked to reflect in the mural the process of a spiritual journey, through universal archetypes, without making specific mention of any particular path. Since you can access the mural through two paths, on the right or on the left, I designed the mural with two readings, one representing a female and one a male path, understood from the energetic side, not from the gender side. 

The large canvas painting in the entrance is by the great Alex Grey, one of my references and one of the artists I most admire.

It has been one of the projects that I have enjoyed the most when designing it, on the one hand because it was one of my dreams to make a mural for a temple of these characteristics and on the other hand because it has been like a PhD for me, since it has made all my work order and make it even more meaningful. 

I have to thank Anton Bilton, for his total confidence in my work. It is always a pleasure to work with you. 

So far I have only done the central part of the mural. 


Location: Ibiza | Spain
Date: 2020
Client: Sabina [www.sabinaibiza.com